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Sainthood in the offing for Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints has approved a 2nd miracle attributed to the influence of Blessed John Paul II, according to multiple reports in the Italian news media.

The Congregation also reportedly approved a 2nd miracle attributed to the influence of Blessed John XXIII.

If the reports are accurate, and Pope Francis adds his approval, both former Pontiffs could be canonized before the end of this year.

The prelates who compose the Congregation met on July 2, with a miracle attributed to Pope John Paul II reportedly on their agenda. The miracle had already been examined and tentatively approved by two panels of experts: one composed of doctors, the other of theologians. The prelates reportedly voted their final approval for the miracle.

The meeting’s agenda also reportedly included consideration of a miracle attributed to Blessed John XXIII. That miracle, too, was approved, sources said.

The Vatican has not announced the results of the July 2 meeting. The Congregation’s votes are technically secret, and do not officially take effect until the Pope authorizes the release of a decree. Cardinal Angelo Amato, the prefect of the Congregation, will meet with Pope Francis to present the vote for papal approval sometime in the near future.

Vatican-watchers have already begun theorizing that Popes John XXIII and John Paul II could be canonized at the same ceremony. Although earlier speculation had pointed toward the canonization of Blessed John Paul II in October, the advance planning required for the massive ceremony involving the canonization of two beloved Pontiffs could push the date back to December.

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Pope Francis: “the grace not to speak ill of others.”

(Vatican Radio) May the Lord grant us the grace to watch our tongues and be careful of what we say of others, because through our weakness and sin, we often find it easier to insult and denigrate than say or do good. This was the lesson at the heart of Pope Francis’ homily Thursday morning at Mass, which he celebrated in his native Spanish. Greeting the men and women who work at Argentina’s embassies and consulates to Italy and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome, Pope Francis noted “It’s the first time I have celebrated Mass in Spanish since February 26th!, adding “it feels good!”. Read more in the report from Vatican Radio.

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Pope Francis: true progress is in trusting the Spirit

Pope Francis spoke about how fear can stop the Church moving forward and a culture of ‘adolescent progressivism’ risks ‘de-railing’ the true progress of believers in carrying out God’s law. Instead they must follow the path to Christian maturity by trusting in the Holy Spirit. Read this morning’s report from Vatican Radio.

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Pope: poverty and the praise of God

(Vatican Radio) The Gospel should be generously and simply proclaimed said Pope Francis during morning Mass Tuesday in the Casa Santa Marta chapel. Poverty and praise of God, he said are the two key signs of an evangelical and missionary Church. Instead a rich Church becomes an old, lifeless Church, it becomes an NGO that neglects the true treasure of God’s free grace. Read the report from Vatican Radio.

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Pope Francis to remain at Vatican during the summer months

Pope Francis will remain at St. Martha’s House residence in the Vatican, even during the summer months. The Director of the Press Office of the Holy See, Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ affirmed the Holy Father’s intentions after presenting the Pope’s summer schedule on Thursday.

Fr. Lombardi also announced that that the public celebration of morning Mass in the chapel of the St. Martha’s House will be suspended, starting July 8th.

The schedule released by the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household also explains that all private and special audiences are suspended as well: General audiences are suspended during the month of July, and will resume on Wednesday, August 7th, at the Vatican.

Pope Francis will travel to Castel Gandolfo on 14 July for the Sunday Angelus.

From Monday, July 22nd, to Monday, July 29th, the Pope will be in Brazil for World Youth Day celebrations.

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