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The Holy Spirit renews our lives

(Vatican Radio) In his Mass on Saturday morning at the Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis said being Christian “does not mean doing things, but allowing oneself to be renewed by the Holy Spirit.” The Pope emphasised that even in the life of the Church there are “ancient structures” to be renewed without fear.
“New wine in new wineskins.” In his homily, Pope Francis dwelt on the renewal that Jesus brings. “The doctrine of the law,” he noted, “is enriched, renewed with Jesus . . . Jesus makes all things new.” He said Jesus brings a “true renewal of the law, the same law, but more mature, renewed.” He explained that what Jesus requires of us is greater than the requirements of the law. The law allows us to hate our enemy; Jesus, on the other hand, tells us to pray for him. This, then, is “the Kingdom of God that Jesus preaches”: a renewal above all “in our heart.” We think that “being Christian means doing this, or doing that; but it is not so:
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Pope Francis: true progress is in trusting the Spirit

Pope Francis spoke about how fear can stop the Church moving forward and a culture of ‘adolescent progressivism’ risks ‘de-railing’ the true progress of believers in carrying out God’s law. Instead they must follow the path to Christian maturity by trusting in the Holy Spirit. Read this morning’s report from Vatican Radio.

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