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New officers for CCW

Congratulations to all the new officers of the Holy Family Council of Catholic Women who were installed at the 10:00 am Mass this morning. Also thanks to all those who completed their terms of office. The CCW is a very important parish organization which provides so much to the life our our parish!

April 30 – 3rd Sunday of Easter

In our first reading (Acts 2:14,22-33) Peter gives a strong speech condemning the Jews for what they did to Christ. He reminds them that this man, whom they crucified, has been raised up by God and now sits at His right hand, pouring forth the Holy Spirit. He reminds them that they can take of advantage of this by professing their faith in the Risen Lord.

The second reading is from the First Letter of Peter (1 Pt 1:12-21) who exhorts the new Christians that they have been ransomed by the Blood of Christ.

Our Gospel reading (Lk. 24:13-35) is the famous story of the two disciples encountering the Risen Christ on the road to Emmaus. They did not recognize him until they invited him to stay with them. It was in the breaking of the bread that they knew who He was — the Risen Lord.

We who have been the beneficiaries of treasure of Scripture regarding Jesus, can see in these three readings the continuous thread of announcing the Resurrection. It is announced to believers and non-believers alike.

Like the travelers on the road to Emmaus, let us be ready to recognize the presence of the Lord, especially in everyone whom we meet. Let us be ready to proclaim him to all. But first, let us be ready to accept him ourselves; because it is only when we accept the Resurrection and Christ’s presence in our own lives, that we will be able to share his graces with others.

Saturday April 29

Our first reading for today comes from the Acts of the Apostles (6:1-7) and recalls the call and ordination of the first Deacons of the church. These seven men were to assist the Apostles by ministering to the widows and the poor, thereby freeing the Apostles for more important works of ministry in the new Christian communities. After their selection the Apostles prayed over them and laid hands on them. All those who aspire to priesthood are first ordained to the diaconate and are known as transitional deacons. In modern times the original call to diaconate as a separate vocation was restored by the Second Vatican Council, and these ordained men are known as Permanent Deacons, and married men may be admitted to this grade of Holy Orders. They are ordained to serve the local Bishop for the ministry of Charity and the Word. As we remember the call of the first Deacons, let us pray for all those who serve us today in the Church.

Our Gospel reading (John 6:16-21) recalls the story of when the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water. They were terrified, but Jesus calmed them saying “It is I. Do not be afraid.” This was a favorite verse of Pope St. John Paul II, especially to young people. As we face things in life which are disturbing and that we do not understand, may we remember the advice of Our Lord and “Do not be afraid!”

Praying for Pope Francis

The Holy Father has arrived in Egypt, and has begun his heavy schedule for the two-day visit.  Pray for his health, and especially his safety during this Apostolic Journey. 

Pray for Annette

Our just-retired parish bookkeeper, Annette, had an episode during Mass this morning, which appeared to be cardiac in nature. She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where she is now being evaluated in the emergency room. Pleas keep her in your prayers for a good diagnosis and speedy recovery. 

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