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Where have I been?

Well, folks, I just haven’t been keeping up with this blog for several months now, and really can’t promise that it will get much better.

We have a visiting priest in the parish, Monsignor James McGovern, who is speaking on behalf of Food for the Poor. He’s a nice guy, retired Trenton, NJ, priest, now living on the west coast of Florida.

The US bishops’ have their annual meeting this week. The new nuncio arrived in Washington yesterday, and will be on hand to address the group. He is Archbishop Vigano from the Vatican. Lately he has been serving on the governing body of the Vatican City State.

From Tuesday through Friday of this week, I will be attending workshops in the Good Leaders-Good Shepherds program. They will be here in San Angelo, but will take up most of my time. Emergencies only, please, in the parish, folks!

Happy Sunday, and God bless you all!

The Concho Padre

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