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Pope Francis Friday Mass, Sept. 6

(Vatican Radio) The Christian ought always to be joyful as one who goes to a wedding. This was the message of Pope Francis in his remarks following the Gospel at Mass on Friday morning in the Domus Sanctae Marthae chapel in the Vatican. The Holy Father further stressed the need to overcome the temptation to put the novelty of the Gospel into old wineskins, and repeated that the Sacrament of Matrimony is the image of Christ’s union with the Church. Read More.

Pope Francis Angelus message for Aug. 4

2013-08-04 Vatican Radio
(Vatican Radio) Below, please find Vatican Radio’s translation of Pope Francis’ remarks at the recitation of the Angelus for Sunday, 4 August 2013:
Dear brothers and sisters,
Good day!
Last Sunday found me in Rio de Janeiro. It was the Holy Mass for conclusion of World Youth Day. I think all of us together should thank the Lord for the great gift of this event, for Brazil, for Latin America, and for the whole world. It was a new stage in the pilgrimage of young people across the continents with the Cross of Christ. We must never forget that the World Youth days are not “fireworks”, moments of enthusiasm that end with themselves; they are stages of a long journey, begun in 1985 through the initiative of Pope John Paul II. He entrusted the Cross to young people, saying, “Go, and I will come with you.” And so it was; and this pilgrimage of young people continued with Pope Benedict, and thanks to God I too have been able to live this wonderful stage in Brazil. Let us always remember: the youth are not following the Pope, they are following Jesus Christ, bearing His Cross. And the Pope guides them and accompanies them in this journey of faith and hope. And so I thank all the young people that have participated, even by making sacrifices. And I thank the Lord also for the other encounters I had with the Pastors and the people of the great Country that is Brazil, and also with the authorities and the volunteers. May the Lord reward all those that worked for this great festival of faith.
I also want to emphasize my gratitude, my deep gratitude, to the Brazilian people. A great people, the people of Brazil, a people of great heart. I won’t forget their warm welcome, their greeting, their affectionate gaze, so much joy! They are a generous people. I ask the Lord to bless them greatly.
I want to ask you to pray with me, that the young people that participated in World Youth Day will be able to translate this experience into their daily journey, in their everyday conduct; and that they will be able to translate it in the most important choices of their life, responding to the personal call of the Lord. Today in the liturgy the provocative words of Qoheleth resonate: “Vanity of vanities . . . all things are vanity” (Ecc. 1, 2). Young people are particularly sensitive to the emptiness of meaning and values that surrounds them. And they, unfortunately, pay the consequences. On the other hand, the encounter with the living Jesus, in the great family that is the Church, fills the heart with joy, because it fills it with true life, a profound goodness that does not pass away or decay: we have seen this in the faces of the youths in Rio. But this experience must face the daily vanity, the poison of emptiness that insinuates itself into our society based on profit and having [things], that deludes young people with consumerism. The Gospel of this Sunday reminds us of the absurdity of basing their happiness on ‘having’. “The rich man says to himself: ‘My soul, you have many good things stored up . . . rest, eat, drink, be merry!’ But God says to him: ‘You fool, this very night your life will be demanded of you; and the things you have prepared, to whom will they belong?’” (cf. Lk 12, 19-20). Dear brothers and sisters, true wealth is the love of God, shared with the brothers. That love that comes from God and makes us share among ourselves, and makes us help one another. He who experiences this does not fear death, and receives peace of heart. Let us entrust this intention, the intention of receiving the love of God and sharing it with our brothers, to the Virgin Mary.
After the Angelus:
Dear brothers and sisters,
I greet all of you, and thank you for your presence despite the heat.
I am happy to greet in particular several groups of young people: The Carmelite Youth of Croatia; the young people of Sandon and Fossò, from the diocese of Verona; those of Mozzanica, from the diocese of Cremona; those of Moncalieri, who came part of the way on foot; and those of Bergamo, who came by bicycle. Thank you, all of you!
But there are so many young people in the Piazza today! It seems like Rio de Janeiro . . .
I want to assure you of my special regard for pastors and for all the priests of the world, because today we remember their patron saint, Saint John Mary Vianney. Dear brothers, let us be united in prayer and pastoral charity.
Tomorrow, we Romans remember our Mother, “Salus populi Romani” [English: Protectress of the Roman People]. Let us ask that she might protect us. Let us, all of us together, greet our Mother with a ‘Hail Mary’ . . . All together: “Hail Mary. . . ” A greeting for our Mother, all together, a greeting for our Mother [applause together with the people].
I am also pleased to remember the liturgical feast of the Transfiguration, which takes place the day after tomorrow, with a thought of profound gratitude for the Venerable Pope Paul VI, who departed this world on the evening of 6 August 35 years ago.
Dear friends, I wish you a good Sunday and a good August . . . and a good lunch! Arrivederci!

Pope Francis: once a Jesuit always a Jesuit?

(Vatican Radio) Wednesday 31st of July the Church remembers Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus. To mark this occasion, Francis the first Jesuit Pope in history, crossed the Tiber River to meet with his fellow Jesuits…

Read more from Vatican Radio.

World Youth Day opens at Copacabana

(Vatican Radio) Copacabana beach was the place to be on Tuesday evening as thousands of people flocked to the famed spot to be part of the Mass celebrating the opening of World Youth Day. Our correspondent Seàn Patrick Lovett was there and sends this report.

The Concho Padre

Pope Francis: the mystery of God’s patience

(Vatican Radio) The Lord asks us to be patient, after all He is always patient with us. Moreover there is no “set protocol” for how God intervenes in our lives; sometimes it’s immediate, sometimes we just have to have a little patience. This was the lesson drawn by Pope Francis from the daily readings at Mass Friday morning in Casa Santa Marta. Read more from Vatican Radio report.

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Pope Francis Thursday Mass

To pray the Our Father we have to have a heart at peace with our brothers. We don’t pray “my Father,” but “our Father,” because “we are not an only child, none of us are”. This was the focus of Pope Francis’ homily at Mass Thursday morning in Casa Santa Marta. The Pope emphasized that we believe in a God who is a Father, who is “very close” to us, who is not anonymous, not “a cosmic God.” Read more

Pope Francis: “the grace not to speak ill of others.”

(Vatican Radio) May the Lord grant us the grace to watch our tongues and be careful of what we say of others, because through our weakness and sin, we often find it easier to insult and denigrate than say or do good. This was the lesson at the heart of Pope Francis’ homily Thursday morning at Mass, which he celebrated in his native Spanish. Greeting the men and women who work at Argentina’s embassies and consulates to Italy and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome, Pope Francis noted “It’s the first time I have celebrated Mass in Spanish since February 26th!, adding “it feels good!”. Read more in the report from Vatican Radio.

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Pope Francis: Christian consolation and the law of the truly free

(Vatican Radio) The Beatitudes are ‘new commandments’, but they are not just a simple do gooders list. They cannot be understood with the mind, only with the heart, so if our hearts are closed to God we will never know true freedom. Christian consolation is the presence of God in our hearts which teaches us to understand the Beatitudes as the law of the truly free. This was the main focus of Pope Francis’ homily Monday morning at Mass in the Casa Santa Marta residence. Click here for the full report from Vatican Radio.

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