Friday, May 5

In our first reading (Acts 9:1-20) we read about the familiar story of the conversion of St. Paul. Jesus intervened in a very dramatic way. After identifying himself, he struck Saul blind and advised him to go to Damascus and wait for a sign. That sign came in the person of Ananias who was sent by the Lord to cure his blindness. His eyes were opened and he was baptized. From that time he became Paul, the great preacher to the Gentiles. How many times have we been blinded to the things right in front of us, specifically our faith and how we translate that faith in our lives and our relationships with others?

In the Gospel reading for today (John 6:52-59)the people were arguing and trying to understand how Jesus could give us his flesh to eat. They looked at this as canibalism. Jesus tries to explain it in his capacity as Son of God and Son of Man. The point is that, in Jesus, God has enfleshed himself in our humanity. So, in an unexplainable way, fully known only to God, we now have a physical body and blood relationship with our Lord. God the Father, always caring about the welfare of his children, gives us a special food and drink necessary for our salvation. We should see Christ – body and blood, soul and divinity, in this special food which is offered to us at every Mass and be thankful for this very special presence of God among us.

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