Wednesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

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Well, folks, the Holy Father, Pope Francis, is not celebrating his public daily Mass at Casa Santa Marta until September. He is doing this to give the members of the Vatican staff, both priests and laity, the opportunity to have some time off. So here are my reflections on today’s readings.

Today Jesus refers to the twelve specially selected collaborators as Apostles. The word “Apostle” means “one who is sent.” And so he sends them out with authority to cure illnesses and to dispel unclean spirits. He particularly instructs them to proclaim the Kingdom of God to all the people of Israel.

When we are growing up, we sometimes sense that something like this is being expected of us — maybe by our parents and friends — and possibly even by Christ himself. Sooner or later, we are called to share the Good News of Jesus to those around us. This can be by our personal testimony, or simply by our actions and the way that we live.

All of this may be too much for us. We do not feel worthy in the minds of other people, and maybe even more so as we look in the eyes of Our Lord.

We think about our own knowledge of the Gospel, which may be inadequate. We worry that people who know us won’t listen to us anyway.

But cheer up. Look at the motley crew that Jesus chose as his Apostles. It shows us that he can choose anyone to be his Apostle, even us. Look at Peter, who denied him three times. He not only accepted him, but made him the rock on whom the Church would be built and sustained.

So we need to be listening. Do you hear Jesus calling you? How does he call, and how do we answer?

We need to be attuned in order that by grace we become aware of the call to Apostleship. He will invite us. When he does let us hope to have the grace which gives us the courage and the strength to say, “Yes, Lord!”

The Concho Padre

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