Thoughts on Wednesday’s Gospel

We continue with John’s Gospel, and especially the connection between some of the miracles of Jesus, and his teaching on the “Bread of Life.”

The people were clamoring after the Lord, mainly because of his miracle of the loaves and fishes. They are seeking physical bread for the welfare of their physical bodies.

The Lord tells them to believe in him. He promises them eternal life, and tells them that he is the bread of life, the bread that has come down from heaven, which will give them spiritual life.

For those who believe in him there is eternal life, and he will raise them up to be with him on the last day.

And most importantly, he says that he will not reject anyone who comes to him. How true this is. No matter how many times we fall, he is still there, waiting to take us in his arms and welcome us back into his good graces. All we have to do is repent, try to change our sinful ways, and follow him. He promises that he will not reject us, and he is not counting how many times he will forgive us.

That reminds us of the Divine Mercy. Today, let us try to remember this. Let us come to the Lord to receive his love and mercy, which he will never deny us.

As St. Faustina shared with us the revelations of Christ and his Divine Mercy, let us say: “Jesus, I trust in you!”

The Concho Padre

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