Pope Alexander lives! They’re back … The Borgias season three

The Borgias, season 3, opened last night on Showtime.

If you remember, season 2 ended with Pope Alexander being poisoned. The final scenes were those of the young Franciscan Friar who poisoned him falling to the floor gasping for breath with blood streaming out of his eyes. Alexander was not in much better shape.

Last night we have Alexander being brought to his room, where the doctors said there was nothing they could do for him. However, Lucretia, the pope’s daughter (and holy harlot) said she had been reading about using charcoal to cure some poisonings. And so they did, pour lots of liquefied charcoal into the dying pope through a tube into his mouth and stomach. Amazing! We still do this to this day in the emergency rooms for poisonings and overdoses. Lucretia should be given an honorary Paramedic certificate!

While all of this is going on, Cesare (the pope’s son and resigned Cardinal) goes out after Cardinal Della Rovere, who he finds out was the one who orchestrated the poisoning. The good Cardinal was already on his way to the Vatican for the Conclave, presuming Pope Alexander to be dead. When he arrives and the other Cardinals tell him the boss is still alive, he does a two-step out of the palace, but is captured by Cesare.

Meanwhile, a plot is laid to kill the pope’s family. This one was hatched by Lady Catherine Sforza. Her cousin, Cardinal Sforza, informs Cesare and the others. People are killed, mostly guards and other bystanders, but the holy father’s family is saved.

In all of this excitement, Cardinal Della Rovere manages to escape, disguised as a corpse! He gives an impish smile, presumably as he dashes off to plot another papal murder!

The final scene shows Pope Alexander saying that they were now at war! Not quite sure whether it is a war against the Sforza’s or the cardinals.

Time will tell as we progress through this season.

I don’t believe that they have Showtime at the House of Martha in the Vatican where the current successor of Peter is living, but of course, it is my sincere prayer that Pope Francis will have a more serene experience as he continues his work of reforming the Church, especially the current Roman Curia!

By the way this is NOT a show for children!

The Concho Padre

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