Advocacy day draws Catholics to Austin

Tuesday, April 9, was Advocacy Day, organized by the Texas Catholic Conference. It is day when Catholcs and their bishops come to the state capital to advocate on a variety of issues. Some 1,500 Catholics attended this year’s event.

Some of the issues advocated with the various legislators included health care, immigration, human life issues, school vouchers, and human services.

Cardinal Daniel diNardo of Galveston-Houston reminded the people that they were expressing their religious freedom by attending the event, and that it was one of our most cherished freedoms. He noted how religious freedom and liberty were coming under attack, both at the federal and state levels.

Also addressing the group were Bishop Joe Vasquez of Austin and Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio. The Diocese of San Angelo also had a delegation which was led by Bishop Michael D. Pfeifer. The San Angelo delegation left by bus at 4:00 am in order to arrive at the rally. Bishop Pfeifer met them in Austin.

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