Thanks for the rain, Lord

We had a little bit of rain here in San Angelo last night, along with all kinds of winds, and it is somewhat colder this morning. However, I will gladly wear a sweater in exchange for rain anytime. Thanks, Lord!

Along those lines, our local Bishop, Michael Pfeifer, has issued one of his periodic calls for rain prayers. He would like everyone in the 29 counties of the diocese to pray for rain next Sunday, April 14. Of course, we pray for rain at every Mass, so I guess we’ll say two prayers this weekend!

Seriously, though, we all know the great need we have in this part of the world for rain, so I would encourage all of you to put in a few extra “please” words to the good Lord to send us this precious comodity, without which we cannot live.

In other news, our sixth grade class from Angelo Catholic School left this morning for their annual trip to the Prude Ranch. It’s a great time for the kids, because for the two days they are given challenges and taught leadership and team skills which hopefully they will apply to their lives. Pray that they have a good time, learn a lot, and return home safely.

We still have a few places available on the pilgrimage to Fatima and Lourdes, which will take place Aug. 5-14. You can call the Cathedral Office at 325-658-6567 for more information. It will be a wonderful spiritual event for all those participating.

The Concho Padre

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