A Prayer for Pope Francis on his inauguration

God of wisdom and love,
you sent your Spirit to call a humble fisherman, Peter,
to follow Christ along the path of discipleship.
On this journey, Peter witnessed the loving power of Jesus
as the storms of life were calmed,
diseases were cured, and demons driven away.
He encountered the compassionate heart of Christ,
as he dined with sinners and prostitutes,
preached of a forgiveness without end,
and washed the feet of his friends,
especially those who would eventually deny and betray him.
As you brought Peter down from the mountaintop of prayer
into the valley of discipleship,
remain upon Peter’s humble successor, Pope Francis.
Bless the Church under the care of our new Holy Father.
May he be a gentle shepherd called to tend his flock
with your kindness and generosity.

By your love and gentleness,
may Pope Francis inspire us to love God our Father
by returning the sheep gone astray to the flock of the Lord.
May he serve the Church in the image of Christ,
patterned by the faith of Simon Peter, the Rock.
As the keys once presented to St. Peter are entrusted to Pope Francis,
may we ever discover ways to unlock the door of faith
to a world most in need of the spiritual gifts you shower upon us.
We make our prayer with Christ your Son,
and through the gentle yet ever-changing power of the Holy Spirit,
one God for ever and ever. Amen.

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