Pope Francis meets with full College of Cardinals

Pope Francis met on Friday with the College of Cardinals in the Clementine Hall. It was his first meeting with the full College of Cardinals. On Thursday evening, he celebrated Mass ending the Conclave with the Cardinals under 80 who participated in the election of the Pope.

During the meeting, Pope Francis entrusted his ministry, and that of the Cardinals, to the protection of Mary, Mother of the Church.“One day we will contemplate the Face of the Risen Christ through the intercession of Mary the Mother of the Church,” he said. “I entrust my ministry, and your ministry, to her maternal protection. We all listen to the voice of her Son, persevering together in prayer and witnessing to the presence of the Lord.

Bringing attention to the fact that most of the Cardinals are not young men, he also spoke about the duty of those of advanced years to pass on what they know to younger generations.“Old age is the seat of life’s wisdom. People who are wise go a long way – like old Simeon in the Temple, who met Jesus,” he said.

“We need to hand on this wisdom to young people. Wisdom is like good wine that matures with age. A German poet said about old age: ‘old age is a time of peace and prayer’. We need to hand on this wisdom to the young,” he said.

Vatican Radio

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