Day of Prayer today at Vatican, let’s pray with the Cardinals

The Cardinals have decided that this will be a day of prayer. To that end, they will all gather at St. Peter’s Basilica this evening for a service led by the Cardinal-Dean, Angelo Sodano. This will be open to the public, and I am sure it will be live streamed somehow. Would suggest that you look at EWTN for a possible live hook-up. the 5 pm time would be equivalent to 10 am San Angelo time.

It is not quite clear to me as to whether they were having a General Congregation this morning, but since there have been no official communiques, I think they probably didn’t.

The Sistine Chapel has now been closed, and the workers are busily arranging it to hold the Conclave, the start date of which has yet to be announced. Among things being installed in the Sistine Chapel is an up to date and state of the art security system, including frequency jammers to prevent electronic signals from being either received in or transmitted from the Conclave. I suspect that the same is being accomplished at the House of St. Martha, where their Eminences will be housed during the Conclave.

The Cardinals do not seem to be too concerned about the start date for the Conclave. There are still a few of them that still have to show up in Rome. It is also apparent that the General Congregations are a very important pre-conclave aspect of this whole thing. It gives the Cardinals a chance to present their feelings on the state of the Church, and also about the qualities a new pope should have. Personally, I think that this is a good deal, because it gives them a chance to know each other a little better. That way they will have some ideas of their personal preferences as they actually enter the Sistine Chapel to begin the voting process.

Let us join with the Cardinals today and pray with them for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as the start of the Conclave draws closer.

The Concho Padre

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