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San Angelo will hold its annual Veterans’ Day Parade this coming Saturday, November 10, beginning at 11:00 am in downtown San Angelo.

Please come out to say thank you to all our veterans, past and present!

The Concho Padre

Grand Daddy of all festivals this weekend!

Just a reminder, folks, that the St. Joseph Fall Festival will be held in Rowena this Sunday, November 11.

Don’t miss the original of all the fall festivals in our area.

There will be great food, booths, an auction, games, and lots of family fun.

Besides that, you can have a great time visiting with your neighbors and friends!

The Concho Padre

Pope, Cardinal send congrats to Obama

Both Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Timothy Dolan have sent congratulatory messages to President Barrack Obama.

The Holy Father’s message was delivered through the Papal Nuncio in Washington, while Dolan’s message was in his capacity of President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Both messages called for civility, and also reminded the re-elected president of the Church’s stance on religious liberty, abortion, preferential option for the poor, etc.

The Concho Padre

Obama elected for second term

Well, folks, all I can say is that we will need to be sending a lot of prayers in the direction of our President and the legislators as well.
Perhaps now that the electioneering is over with, they can get down to business and save this nation before it goes over the cliff into economic disaster.
I believe that the Congress, the Senate and the President are all equally to blame for the mess we are in.
However, since the President will not have to run again, maybe some concessions can be made, an olive branch of peace or something like that.
No matter what, there is no way we can continue with a lack of competence and work on our behalf by our elected federal officials.
Get with the program, ladies and gentlemen, and watch out for this country which you have sworn to serve and protect!

The Concho Padre

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