Who is St. John Lateran?

Friday, November 9, is a Feast Day in the Universal Church Calendar, the Dedication of St. John Lateran.

However, many people haven’t got the foggiest idea as to just who St. John Lateran was? You won’t find him in the list of Saints, because he isn’t one.

St. John Lateran is a basilica in Rome. The proper title would be the Basilica of St. John at the Lateran. The Lateran is a section of Rome.

This basilica was built from what was the palace of a rich, Roman senator. When the senator died, the Emperor Constantine had a chapel built there dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Later on, a second altar was dedicated to St. John the Evangelist.

For many years the Popes lived at the Lateran Palace and celebrated Mass at the Basilica, which is considered as the Cathedral Church of Rome, or the Pope’s own church.

As the Cathedral Church of Rome, it is considered the head and mother of all the churches in the world.

So there, my friends, is your Church History lesson for today!

Happy Feast Day!

The Concho Padre

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