Vatican Bureau of Investigation?

In a rare move this morning, the Vatican Secretary of State announced that the Holy Father has ordered an investigation into leaks of classified or confidential Vatican information. Several months ago there was a flurry of activity regarding correspondence by Archbishop Vigano, now the nuncio to the United States. The documents claimed the archbishop was appealing to the Holy Father to not move him to the US position because he was investigating questionable activities in the Vatican. At the time, the archbishop was the governor of the Vatican City State.

Here is the English Translation of the Announcement:

“In the wake of recent leaks of reserved and confidential documents on television, in newspapers and in other communications media, the Holy Father has ordered the creation of a Commission of Cardinals to undertake an authoritative investigation and throw light on these episodes.

His Holiness has determined that the said Commission of Cardinals, which will act at all levels on the strength of its pontifical mandate, shall be presided by Cardinal Julian Herranz, and shall have as it members Cardinal Jozef Tomko and Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi.

The Commission of Cardinals celebrated its first sitting on 24 April to establish the method and timetable for its activities.”

Cardinal Herranz is of Opus Dei, Cardinal Tomko is a retired Slovak cardinal who served as prefect of the Congregations for the Evangelization of Peoples, and Cardinal is the Archbishop emeritus of Palermo, Sicily.

Stayed tuned, folks. This could get very interesting!

The Concho Padre

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