Nuncio to Norway calls terrorist attack “madness”

A Norwegian gunman disguised as a police officer shot his victims one by one, claiming at least 84 lives. The massacre at an island youth camp has horrified Norway.

The island tragedy Friday unfolded hours after a massive explosion ripped through a high-rise building housing the prime minister’s office in Oslo, killing seven people.

It is the biggest disaster to hit Norway since World War II. This is the assessment of Archbishop Paul Tscherrig, the Apostolic Nuncio to the country. He called the attack a “great catastrophe”, and emphasized Norway is a peaceful country, which is very democratic and free, and this violence is a gigantic blow to the entire population.

“It is madness,” Archbishop Tscherrig told Vatican Radio. “All these actions are irrational, and difficult to comprehend, whether they had personal or political reasons. In any case, it is always an unbelievable thing.”

He said Catholic Church is praying for the victims, and will remember the dead during their Sunday Mass.

Courtesy Vatican Information Service/Vatican Radio

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